software engineer, supporter of Full Reserve Banking (& Positive Money) supporter of the Young people's party ( = supporter of solving the housing crisis) = support of funding public administration from benefits generated by the community into the value of natural resources (including Land) & levying a usage fee on the natural resources (Land & others). (to replace most/all taxes). = support unconditional welfare, UBI for all permanents residents (but only 1st 2 children; & from 3rd child: 20% lower than previous child & mean-tested), funded in majority by Land use fee/LVT, and then by taxes on idle wealth. Support reform of Land ownership (i.e. for any Land/property for sale, for any private buyer, the buyers has only the right to buy it in leasehold(-> & pay a fair ground rent), & the public authorities buy[with people's QE/helicopter money/money printed] & get the freehold). (radical!)