Supporting 3rd Chamber

3rd Chamber is not about the website, it is about an idea. That idea being that there is a better and more inclusive way of governance and managing our resources than the one we’re pursuing at the moment. We get no government funding and rely solely on the generosity of our members and supporters.

Supporting individual charities is very worthwhile, but we also need to think about the social structures that create the need for these charities in the first place. We need to address the underlying causes of problems in our society and not just the symptoms. This is where we feel that 3rd Chamber has an important role to play.

There are many things you can do to support the site.

Just using the site
Just using the site and sharing motions with people is the first and foremost way in which you can help us to grow.
Talking about the motions
Talking to people in your life about the motions you think are important and about the concept as a whole. If each person reading this could get just one more person to sign up every couple of months then we would be making tremendous strides forward.
Volunteer to help us
Volunteer to help us. We’re always looking for people to help out, either those with special skills, or just people enthusiastic about the idea and willing to offer their time. If you are one of those people, we’d love to hear from you.
Help us by donating
Financially. As previously mentioned we are reliant on people who care to make 3rd Chamber work. Yes, individual issues and causes are important, but we are struggling to address these issues satisfactorily under the current system. We need to put the tools in place to make these decisions in an informed way that draws on our collective intelligence. Please help us by donating now.