What is your position on Climate Change?

The world's climate is changing, some argue that this has always happened, others that the speed of what we are seeing now is truly unprecedented.

The real issue is not whether the climate is changing, or even how fast, but what is causing it. What do you think?

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Jonathan Cheyne

The overwhelming and frankly colossal weight of research on this subject really leaves no room for denial of anthropogenic climate change. I would like to consider myself a tolerant and reasonable person, and if someone can present truly compelling evidence to the contrary then this debate might be re-opened, but despite a very well funded search, none has been forthcoming. At this point, those persons denying that we are the cause of dramatic shifts in our environment are simply burying their heads in the sand, and there is no excuse for their continued wilful dismissal of the situational reality.

3 year(s) ago

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