A referendum On changing from a Parliamentary Democracy to a Direct Digital Democracy

We at www.rebalancebritain.co.uk would like to live in a Britain that is fair, modern and not corrupt, we are convinced that this can only be achieved by a Direct Digital Democracy and that replacing the players in the current system will ultimately end in the same result as we have now.
Let the people decide, as it is the people who are affected by the decisions that a government make.
A new system for a new generation!!!

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Democracy means 'Rule by the People' which is NOT what we have. We have a hidden system of a certain VERY FEW people deciding HOW, WHERE and WHEN WE should live...and die. Judges in the Courts are empowered by these small often secret groups. What the 'man/woman-in-the-street' wants is ignored and derided by these elite folk who control our money supply, interest rates, people movement, job conditions, and how our hospitals, schools, roads etc are managed. We DO NOT LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY - this is a Myth perpetuated by the media owned by the Elite who have OUR POWER in their hands. The only time that we are consulted is every 4 or 5 years at election times. This is a joke!!! The Prime Minister and his chosen cabinet regard themselves as our Masters when they are in fact - our Servants. Our Queen regards herself in Service to her People - not so the politicians. They choose which Laws to ignore and put into operation, to suit their own private individual purposes. Good examples are the rules on 'expenses' and use of the media. We want details of exactly who Civil 'Servants' are, (this is laughable because they act like our Masters) what they actually do and how they operate so that we can choose who we think is best for which jobs. The current methods date back centuries when men (and only men of property) had to travel physically to a central place to discuss issues of national importance, put forward their suggestion s and vote in a Party system for a decision. The decisions were/are put into practice by Civil Servants and the whole process is mostly a mystery to the ordinary person living their daily lives. The ordinary person in all walks of life in Britain leaves all these discussions, suggestions and decisions to just the few hundred Members of our British Parliament - and TRUSTS that all is done in his/her best interest, rather like a small child trusts its parents to make wise decisions on its behalf. Our present system is therefore very patronising to the people of Britain. Nowadays we are all fairly well educated, we can read all the arguments for and against the wide area of important issues that affect the lives and welfare of every one of us. In this modern information and technological age, when people in their MILLIONS can vote on their favourite singer, dancer or stage act, why oh why - cannot exactly the same methods be used in our Democracy? There are internet interfaces like Facebook, Twitter, You-Tube, website blogs and forums etc where millions discuss wide-ranging issues. There could be websites, forums and blogs for political discussions, suggestions and voting exactly the same way as for the present television programmes. Rebalance Britain is asking NOW, TODAY = for YOUR ideas of how this could be put together, organised and managed. We are not pretending that we have all the answers - we want YOU to suggest your own. We will put these together for your discussion and decisions. Together the British people could decide for ourselves on which issues, that we believe, are important to the British People, we could suggest new areas for joint thinking, imagining and being creative. We could use telephones, newspapers, internet, you-tube type videos and the postal service for older people or those not technology-versatile to communicate. There could be television Channels for putting out information. The majority for a decision needed, e.g. 50% or 60%, could be decided by us too. We do not need so many MPs, because so much of our legislation comes now from Brussels. 4 out of 5 of our Laws now come from Brussels by unelected Commissioners. So our British MPs are even more irrelevant. We could jointly vote for which of these Members of Parliament ('Champions') that we think are best for different Department Heads; we could choose SMALL (easier to manage consensus) groups of MPs and/or Civil Servants as Facilitators, to thrash out how to put OUR decisions into operation, use our taxes in causes that we choose. This Rule by People Referendum could be used for local, national and international issues, for day-to-day issues and also for long term strategies. In emergencies we could have our appointed representatives to make quick decisions. We could have researchers to delve into the facts and various associated areas. Some issues could be decided 'bottom-up' and some 'top down' i.e. emergencies. No one asked us - the People if we wanted mass immigration. The original vote to join the Common Market was just that - a commercial agreement with some neighbours. No one asked us if we wanted to have 4 out of 5 of our Laws coming from foreigners who have their own interests to promote - not ours. No one asked us if we prefer our Taxes spent on foreign countries rather than our own hospitals, schools, pensioners etc. No one asked us if we want new housing built on green belts so that we have housing for foreigners - when our own young people cannot afford the rise in resulting property prices and mortgages so that they can have homes. This goes on and on..... The biggest problem in our country is - APATHY - we generally speaking - cannot be bothered. We prefer to pass onto others - as do children - responsibility for our lives. We say "all parties are the same, it does not matter who you vote for, you get the same results - harder lives for working people and less rewards for being honest". We say "I am not interested in politics", when politics is about decisions on YOUR home, YOUR money, YOUR children, YOUR health etc etc. So let us get rid of this old fashioned Party system. It is built on money provided by people who want THEIR solutions to OUR problems and OUR opportunities. Let us have a real, modern Democracy and let ALL of the 'people-in-the-street' - who have common sense as their backbone and full life experiences to share - rule OUR BRITTANIA! No we are not saying "no QUEEN" - our Queen is as helpless as the rest of us. She has long years of experience and inside information and contacts that we the People can make use of. So send us YOUR ideas and let us put the 'GREAT' back into Britain. - See more at: http://www.rebalancebritain.co.uk/outline#sthash.lnMCYr1b.dpuf

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There is only 2 other options as far as I can see, first is the Re-set idea that wants to reset our current democracy the the way it was hundreds of yours ago and the other keep it the way it is now.


Lenny Parsons

I think we can have a dual system. As far as I can see we will still need politicians to sift through the minutiae of planning laws etc but major national decision should be put to public vote.

3 year(s) ago

Public Vote