Putin is far more justified taking the actions he has in Ukraine than we were in Iraq

There has been a tremendous amount of faux outrage over what has happened in Ukraine. Hilary Clinton went as far as comparing Putin to Hitler. The hypocrisy and double standard coming from some corners has been utterly incredible, really quite breathtaking.

Is Putin a good guy? Probably not, but Crimea does at least have a largely Russian population who actively want to be part of Russia. The democratically elected leader of the Ukraine asked Russia for their help and so far, Russian forces haven't engaged in any violence.

On the flip side US and UK military interventions since WWII have been almost elusively unrequested, undertaken for our own strategic advantage, and have killed millions of people.

Listening to our media and politicians you would think that Putin and Russia were the devil incarnate and that our behavior was a shining example to the world, when quite frankly, it's really not!!

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Not a Putin fan at all, but it's hard to deny this when you look at the facts. There was definitely no American population living in Iraq calling for intervention like there is a Russian one in Crimea in Ukraine.


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It's just like Hungary after Suez. There was a tiny bit of justification over Suez as Disraeli bought the canal off the French who built it.

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