That intervention in North Korea is a morale imperative

by Hoz in Law & Order/Crime 3 year(s) ago
What are we waiting for? What is still waiting to be done by the regime that is not been done that qualifies as a dire human rights abuse? What red line is not crossed yet?

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It depends on what is meant by "intervention". Hopefully a non-military intervention can be found.
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If we don't stand up to this tyrant is sends a message to others that what they are doing is acceptable and that the world will stand by and watch. It's not, and we shouldn't.
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An intervention in the form of total isolation. The complete end to all official communication, Mean while finding tactical ways to disseminate information to the people of Korea about what is happening in the rest of the world. As well as allowing for the rescue of any North Korean citizen that makes it known that they want out, a completely covert operation.

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Until China is on-side intervention would simply leading to a massive international escalation. A long as N. Korea thinks it can reply on China to temper military action by the international community, it will carry on as it has. I think the way forward is UN reform (see my UNSC motion), or to hope for some kind of internal collapse/revolution.
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This will lead to to "Wars and Rumors of Wars" prophecy in the Bible and result in a Nuclear disaster and result in millions of deaths. Its depopulation, the world doesn't need WAR, especially one which will destroy the earth more than we have already done and possibly end our existence. I'm 100% against more unprovoked wars and "military operations" with the intent to occupy.
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