The U.N. Security Council should be abolished

I propose that the UN Security Council made up of the USA, UK, China, Russia & France (plus it's 10 temporary 'invited guests') is abolished due to it's non-democratic nature & lack of effectiveness.
The organisation is an anachronism, a hangover from World War II when the victors were determined to prevent another conflagration. Nearly 70 years later the same 5 countries hold sway over the rest of the world in matters on international security, in a world of nearly 200 nations. In addition, the veto system & ideological polarisation/distrust that exists between east & west means that it is unlikely that unanimous action can ever be agreed in cases of serious security issues (e.g. in Syria).
I propose that security issues or military actions such as peacekeeper deployment, are agreed with a percentage agreement of all nations (not necessarily unanimous or 50%), not just the 5 largest powers with their own agendas & vested interests. Part of the debate could consider whether this would be done 1 nation 1 vote or voting power proportional to the countries' populations.

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It is unfair, but at least it's unfair in our favour!! Think there are much bigger issues we could be tackling on the world stage rather than working to eradicate our own tactical advantage.



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