Other people in the UK should get a vote in the referendum on Scottish Independence

The Independence of Scotland if it comes to pass will have a huge impact on the rest of the United Kingdom. It simply isn't representative to only allow Scottish people to vote on whether the United Kingdom will be split.

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Right of the nations to have authority on themselves. the Scottish nation, obviously.


Graeme Hall

I am a Scottish; but cannot vote. The reason being that I live in England. There are a great number of English, Welsh & Northern Irish people able to vote because they happen to live in Scotland.

3 year(s) ago
Harry Gwynne 

Seems fair that English, Welsh, and Irish people should get a say in the destiny of the union too. But then the Scots could be forced to stay against their will. So to do this justice and in keeping with the principles of self-determination you would really need two referenda.
1) Scottish people - Do you want to remain part of the union?
2) Rest of the UK - Do you want Scotland to remain part of the union?

3 year(s) ago
june mackendrick

i disagree , self determination is about the Scottish peoples right to Independence and recognition as a independent nation state other wise its a bit like saying Palestine's future should be determined what Isrial Jordan & Syria & everyone what everyone else dictates. Personally I think Scotland should be a republic & break completely from the monarchy, but then i believe the uk should get ride of its parasitical royal family but thats just my opinion, and maybe a Scottish republic will come in the future

3 year(s) ago
Neuron Therapy

Some might say Scotland took over England when the Stuarts became the monarchy, The current royal family is descended from the Stuarts. Scotland did all right as part of the Union for yonks, but once oil was discovered the people living in Scotland wanted to claim it for themselves! Many Scots moved to other parts of the Union, and many of us further south are partly Scottish. I'm not English, I'm British and my country Great Britain will not exist any more if there is a Yes vote. We should all be allowed a vote, and if there were two referenda they should be held at the same time.

3 year(s) ago

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