More action needs to be taken on Female Genital Mutilation

At the moment, 66,000 women in the UK have been subjected to FGM (according to the Royal College of Midwives), with tens of thousands of girls currently at risk. Nobody has been successfully prosecuted. By comparison, in France, there have been about 100 successful prosecutions.
The government talks a good talk, with the formation of a new home affairs committee and the introduction of a law that gives Britons abroad legal protection, but until there is a material change in the number of prosecutions, then all action is clearly ineffective. All nurses who conduct smears should have special training in recognising FGM, and clear guidelines on what to do if a case is recognised. All teachers should have clear guidelines helping them to pick out high risk children, and more importantly a clear idea of what to do and who to speak to. There has been a lot of press coverage concerning FGM recently, and now is the time to take positive action.

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This needs to be enforced. Either it is illegal or it isn't. It totally undermines the legal process have laws like this that are being totally ignored because of the police being afraid of being accused of being racist.

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Carl Peters

This is one of those issues that really highlights the strength of a site like this. Virtually no one would disagree with this motion, which raises the very reasonable question of why nothing is done about it. At the end of the day society belongs to the people who live in it and if those people want something to happen like something to be done about FGM in this case then it should happen. End of.

4 year(s) ago

This also is about how legal aid for victims is needed, as well as enforcement: and the answer is actually a lot more of enforcement & common sense (of course the accused are going to be from ethnic minorities, these practices comes from these countries where those victims comes from) seems to be needed.

1 year(s) ago

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