The 2022 Fifa World Cup should not be held in Qatar due to its appalling human rights record

by Charles gould in Miscellaneous 3 year(s) ago
An Amnesty International report on Qatars construction sector found that.

- Migrant workers report being ‘treated like cattle’

- Subcontractors for Qatar Petroleum, Hyundai E&C and OHL Construction linked to exploitation

- Workers living in squalid, overcrowded accommodation with no air conditioning, and exposed to overflowing sewage or uncovered septic tanks

- Workers left unpaid for months and prevented from leaving the country by employers - faced with mounting debts many workers suffering severe psychological distress with some driven to the brink of suicide

Full report here

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Totally unacceptable that a major sports tournament played by a collection of multimillionaire should be held on the back of slave labour.

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So many countries have poor human rights records, so there will always be issues around where to hold such events. Some countries are performing better than others and/or are not so blatant in their exploitation. The fact that they're able to hide it better makes them no more deserving. Hold these events anywhere...the only people who benefit from these competitions are those who are already multimillionaires; where these circuses take place is irrelevant to 98% of us.
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If we stopped holding sports events in countries with poor human rights records we would have no where to hold them!!


Lesley Daniels

And now we find that an official from FIFA has been taking massive bribes from the Qataris, why doesn't that surprise me (or anyone else)?

3 year(s) ago

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