“If liberty and equality, as is thought by some, are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in the government to the utmost.”

3rd Chamber allows everybody to be part of the democratic process on an on-going basis. Anybody can Propose, Support or Oppose motions at both national and local level by voting and offering arguments. This in turn provides a summary of the views of the individual based on actual issues and beliefs rather than tribal loyalties, as well as building up a picture of the nation as a whole at any given time. The latter is then delivered to Members of Parliament, and other opinion-leaders, on a weekly basis. In so doing 3rd Chamber aims to enhance our experience of living in this country through empowering individuals, strengthening our democracy, and connecting our politicians with the people they represent.

3rd Chamber is not just a form of electronic polling. It is a fully functioning virtual chamber providing a living, breathing embodiment of the views of the nation, and evolving with them in real time. Connecting these views to the people that govern the country offers the potential for an enhanced form of democracy of a nature and scale previously unimaginable. 3rd Chamber allows people to engage with the issues of the day whenever and wherever they want, and for their voices to be heard by the country’s lawmakers; creating a world where everyone can contribute to the fibre of our democracy.

The ever-rising tide of political apathy isn’t the result of people not being interested in how their country is run; it's the result of people feeling they have no power to affect it. In fact, far from not caring how the country is run, right now huge numbers of people are crying out for a say over how the country moves forward. By merging the values of one of the oldest institutions in the world with 21st century technology, 3rd Chamber is able to offer them a voice. We think democracy means more than putting a cross in a box once every five years. If you do too, then join us.